Beginner Yoga

Foundations of Yoga -Beginner Series is offered every Saturday and is a terrific way to get started.  We speak to your questions, explain the poses and give you the confidence to choose the right yoga classes for you and be a happy yogi.

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Beginner Yoga at Salty Souls St. Pete Florida

If you are new to yoga, you may have many questions and thoughts before stepping on the mat. We want to address them with you beforehand to put your mind at ease.

You may be hearing about the benefits of yoga but then see slim, flexible yoga participants twisted in all directions. You wonder, “Can I really do what they do?” Absolutely! Maybe not right away, but you have to begin somewhere. That is how we can help.

Remember, we are a no-judgment zone. Practice in peace without worrying about what others think.

Practice Yoga With Positivity

Beginner Yoga at Madeira Beach Florida

Yoga is not a competition. It is a practice. First, you have to get into the mindset that you are capable. Don’t worry about being able to do it exactly like the person next to you. We want you to feel comfortable in every position and relax while obtaining the benefits. 

Salty Souls Yoga Provides The Best Instructors For Beginners

At Salty Souls Yoga, we know that guiding beginners start with the instructor. A good instructor will give you confidence on the mat and, more importantly, not ask too much of you. 

Our instructors will guide each pose, stretch, and meditation. There may be times when you need more assistance. All you have to ask. We understand that yoga is unfamiliar. We will re-explain or encourage you to try a similar pose without being critical.

Once you have become capable of your ability, you can advance to our intermediate and expert classes. There is no rush, though. Enjoy the journey by taking it slow and at your own pace.