Corporate Yoga


You have great employees that are always working for you every week.  You care about their well being, but many of them just don't make the time to do the right things to reduce the stress that can build up at both work and at home.  Why not offer them one of the most worldwide excepted forms of releasing tension and stress. Yoga!

Corporate yoga events can be so beneficial for you team and and the individuals that smiles are are the most prevalent result.  Here are some of the other wonderful benefits:

  • Increase Satisfaction at Work
  • Improve Overall Wellness
  • Boost Productivity
  • Reduce Employee Stress & Anxiety
  • Bring More Mindfulness to Tasks
  • Improve Decision Making Skills
  • Calm the Mind Even in Stress
  • Decrease Conflict & Reactivity
  • Build Sense of Community
  • Reduce Staff Turnover
  • Enhance Focus & Concentration
  • Lower Sickness & Missed Work
  • Learn Better Posture
  • Relieve Computer/Desk Tension

Consider the following options for your organization:

  • Organize a weekly or monthly group class at your workplace
  • Offer a group pass for your employees to use at our studio
  • Join you for a health and wellness day at your office
  • Let us design classes geared to your audience's specific needs

Call for scheduling and pricing: 727-459-9178

We offer private corporate classes in our studio or can bring the class to your place of work.