I am glad that we tried some Clean-Crafted wine together.   I hope you enjoyed it as much as I do and recognize the high standards that this wine offers.  I enjoy wine and FEEL the difference when it is grown without toxic pesticides, artificial ingredients, added sugar, and is low in sulfites. For those that enjoy wine, I welcome you to order some for yourself with your health in mind.

Pricing on this wine is actually quite reasonable starting at $10 per bottle.   Once you account for the discounts for volume (5-10%), time and gas spend going to buy wine at big box stores, consider joining the subscription service for even more discounts and stop paying for Advil for hangovers, you'll find the small flat shipping cost averages out to a reasonable price per bottle.  You can also refer Clean-Crafted wines to your friends that enjoy wine too, and you'll be glad you can keep enjoying wine with less aches, pains and a cloudy head from the night before.