Some of you go along to get along with information about someone or something that you don’t actually know is truth. I see it all the time. Folks sharing their version of things from their  perspective can most often be misleading.

Even though someone looks important, if they are only sharing from their perspective and you are going along without knowing the other side or having another perspective, it leads to gossip, unnecessary hurting and separation.

Those who are authentic are not telling things on each other. They are striving for deeper connections, to show up better for each other. They are speaking with truth and open to hear it!! If you want to raise your vibration, ask questions. Don’t go along to get along. Work towards being more uplifting , supportive, and be a light for people.

I’m seeing too many people even those highly respected in our community sharing their perspective from their experiences and these things are just not fully accurate.

If you see someone doing this, first forgive them, this is their trauma at work, second tell them it’s not okay. Let’s start a movement and start speaking up!

Being intuitive, I see more than I let on and I am so guilty of allowing others to say things that just weren’t accurate without standing up for myself or my reputation because I didn’t feel the need to pull myself down to that vibration. I now regret that. I’ve been called horrible things and I’ve laid in bed for days, depressed, crying because I didn’t have the proper words and personal power to stand up for myself. We never know how what you say can affect someone.

I’m certain my words have not landed the way I’ve intended at times. Words are misconstrued. I’ve hurt people I love by saying things without having the proper knowing of their triggers and they have done the same to me.

Their triggers my triggers.. ugh it’s a cycle right!? I greatly apologize to anyone I’ve inadvertently hurt by speaking my truth during my time of need. We are all going through something. We are all sensitive. As children, we were shown that telling little white lies (like good old Santa) is okay as long as it benefited someone.  Some lies are much worse than that, but just being taught that the lie alone is acceptable, is enough to distort perceptions as adults.

We often jump to conclusions and speak too soon. Doing this can carry a lifetime of pain for someone when what you are saying isn’t true. Gossip is never helpful, I see it. I feel it. I know I’ve done it without knowing it. It is my goal to reconnect, reconcile, be genuine, show up with love. Let go of guilt, shame and the need to not be mistaken.

As the layers of my old self shed, I see through my past conditioning,

I hope to bring more of this to light so that we can connect on our sensitivities, while speaking our truths, knowing that the feelings that we have are shared amongst us. We are all going through it.

Personally, I’m tired of arguing and I’m tired of avoiding arguing and I’m tired of seeing everyone lose important connections. The truth is, you’re not right, they are not right, I’m not right, we’re all wrong, (LOL) but we’re in this together. Our triggers tell our story and should be acknowledged without guilt and shame. See them with gratitude because they are trying to protect you and watch them slowly dissolve piece by piece.

We’ve all been crafting stories, seeing through our own personal lenses by which your own unique life path has mad.  We do this to protect our hearts from more hurt and our egos from disappointments . We all need and want love and connection but we’ve went too far and we don’t know how to come back to love. I want to change that energy around me.

I am cultivating a community of authentic Non-judgmental humans to support one another.

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