Why Salty Souls Yoga ?

Salty Souls Yoga is a no-judgment zone to provide you with the most relaxing environment to focus on yoga.

You can add energy and balance to your life with our beginner and intermediate yoga classes. You can deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga with our private classes, RYT 200 training, special events and workshops. We design our sessions to encourage peace between your mind, body, and soul.

All levels of yoga experience are welcome.

We welcome you to visit our new and modern space at the West Events Venue, located along Gulf Blvd on Madeira Beach- providing plenty of room for groups to attend together. Also, you can form a connection with nature during our scenic outdoor classes offered on the beautiful gulf beaches or local parks.

You can view Salty Souls Yoga Calendar to find other meeting locations.

Have Questions?
Text or call at 727-459-9178

Our Approach

We welcome anyone wanting to try yoga. Salty Souls Yoga delivers you a comfortable and positive experience so you can gain balance in your life.

Reach better health, flexibility, fitness, and relaxation levels when we work with you to build a personal yoga practice that fits into your life routine.

At Salty Souls Yoga, we believe in community. We share our wisdom, send joy to those feeling down, and uplift each other when stress pushes us down.

My Story

Just a girl who loves yoga. I, a small-town girl from Alabama who loves the water, moved to the beach in 1998- ready for sand and sun. I had no idea where I was headed. My Real Estate career began in 2000; I started a small family in 2003, had my son in 2007, and gained a few dogs and cats. My life was…busy.

Yoga brought me back to my center after a lot of stress and not taking care of myself.

After crashing from adrenal fatigue, I began my self-healing journey, changing the direction of my life- and the lives of so many others along the way. Meditating and the practice of Yoga Nidra introduced me to my present self. I did a lot of soul searching too.

I started seeing shadows and patterns that prevented me from finding true joy.

I began sharing my experience with friends and family. That led me to open my own studio in St Peterburg, FL. The studio’s success brought in other yoga instructors- each with their own journey. Over time, we outgrew the NW St Pete studio and moved to a new space at the West Events Venue. A new location-but the same goal to heal and change lives.

I am forever grateful for being chosen to teach peace and help others heal how yoga has for me. I’ve grown to love the challenges of owning a small business because it’s a small price to pay to hold space for others as they find their true self on the mat. Salty Souls Yoga is about creating a comforting environment while you heal, learn, grow, connect, shed the weights in your life, and just get away from it all.

As Salty Souls Yoga and Soul Rising Events continue to grow and help so many, I continue my pursuit of extensive training and learning toward the physical, spiritual and mental understanding of the yoga practice.


We are humbled by the gratitude and feedback from our customers.

THANK YOU to each and everyone!