Salty Souls


You have questions, we have answers.  (Not all the answers, but yoga will help you find the rest within 😉


I have never done yoga, what can I expect?

You can expect a caring teacher, a small class, and a smile to welcome you.  In general terms you will find a chance to add some movements to your body that will help it work out the tension and stiffness in your body.  This will lead to a better state of mind and satisfaction in moving your body in the way it was meant to be.   But for a real expectations, you should come in to participate.  You can borrow a mat if it is your first time and we have bolsters and blocks to help support in some poses. We love to talk to new students about yoga and there will be NO PRESSURE SELL.  We can have some hot tea and just chat about what it has done for us and other students and what you would hope it may do for you.


Can I bring a friend?

Yes, but we would like to know about it before you bring them whenever possible.  If they have never taken a yoga class or have any health issues, it is best for us to be prepare so the class isn’t too uncomfortable for them to enjoy it.  So call or contact us ahead of time.

Do you have a set schedule?

Yes..  We do classes usually 7 days a week with a variety of great teachers so things stay interesting.  But as classes grow and demand for specific time preferences happen, we will be adding more time slots for classes.  We also hold a class even when there is only 1-3 students, but if there is no registered students we may cancel a class if no spots of are reserved.  For the time being, we ask to register before each class so we know how many students to expect and let you know if a change in the schedule has to happen.  We am open to some suggestions for more preferred times, and we can offer private sessions to meet your needs for more convenient times.