Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You have questions, we have answers.  (Not all the answers, but yoga will help you find the rest within 😉  Sometimes we just guess or check with the magic 8-ball.

I have never done yoga, what can I expect?

We’d rather you come in and watch a class or better still come in to participate.  We’ll be happy to talk to you about it and there will be NO PRESSURE SELL.  We can have some hot tea and just chat about what it has done for me and what you would hope it may do for you.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, but we would like to know about it before you bring them whenever possible.  If they have never taken a yoga class or have any health issues, it is best for me to be prepared so the class isn’t too uncomfortable for them to enjoy it.  So call or contact me ahead of time.

Do you have a set schedule?

Yes and no.  Classes can be as many as 7 days a week at various locations.  But as classes grow and demand for specific time preferences happen, we will be locking in more time slots for classes.  For the time being, we ask to be contacted before each class so as to know how many to expect (registration through this site is the simplest method.)  We are open to suggestions for more preferred times so classes can be built at more convenient times. Here is our schedule page

How does your pricing work?

First Class $11.11  – Then pick from the following:
Studio Membership for Unlimited Classes – $111/month
Drop-in Pricing is as following:
$18 for single classes
$85 for 5 class bundle
$150 for 10 class bundle
(*classes in bundles expire after 3 months)
More pricing options and discounts for family memberships, groups, private lessons and  students available.

How do I get started?

  1. Best to register on this website from the top menu.
  2. Select a class from the Schedule section and ‘Book Now’.
  3. Come into class 15 minutes prior to start to complete a short waiver form and give us some of your health and fitness background as you get settled in.
  4. We recommend trying a Beginner series class if you’ve taken <5 classes ever.  A few drop-in classes or class bundle may let you try more instructors and class types to see what you like.
  5.   For the maximum benefit and commitment to your practice, an Studio Membership with Unlimited Classes will let you come 3+ classes per week and get the most enjoyment and benefits in your life.

What do I bring to class?

  • Yoga Mat (if you have one or you can be loaned one or buy one here )
  • Bottle of water
  • Towel especially if you are in a hot yoga class
  • Comfortable but not excessively loose clothing since clothing can slide up and require you tugging it back into place.
  • Silence your phone
  • Open mind