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Our Instructors

Passion meets practice at Salty Souls Yoga. Our  team of dedicated instructors are committed to guiding you on your journey to holistic well-being. With a fusion of traditional wisdom and modern techniques, our instructors bring a wealth of experience to each class. Whether you’re a seasoned yogi or stepping onto the mat for the first time, join us as we flow, breathe, and find harmony together.

About Salty Souls Yoga Studio, St. Petersburg, FL

Danielle Kelly, Owner

I’m honored to be able to hold space and witness someone making the commitment to deepen their understanding of self and life.

A gifted healer, my goal is to help you in creating a new relationship with your physical, energy body & emotional body. It is through this awareness, we have the power to heal ourselves.

Each class is alignment based and infused with instructions in traditional and modern styles. You’ll gain knowledge using Mudras, mantras and your own personal self expression. You’ll soak it all up with a long guided meditation using sound therapy, Reiki and/or beautiful music.

My goal is to safely guide you to gain the needed wisdom to know how to heal your relationship with your body, alleviate pain, eat more mindfully, cultivate body appreciation, kindness & compassion, clear stuck energy, release what doesn’t belong to you and create energetic shifts so you connect with your most divine, radiant self.

With over 2000 training & teaching hours my certifications, training, & explorations include: 200 E-RYT | 500 RYT | Creative Flow | Prenatal Yoga | Senior Yoga | Restorative/Yin |Advanced Chair Yoga | Advanced Meditation | Tantra Yoga | Fascia Release | Reiki | Deeksha – Oneness | Pranic Healing | Chakra activation & balancing | Crystal Therapy | Spiritual Advisor

Dani Furman

Hi my name is Dani! I’m a 23 year old Florida native. I’ve been practicing yoga for about a year and it’s changed my life so much, I spent my summer in Costa Rica getting my 200hr teaching certification. Aside from doing yoga, I love spending time outside journaling and taking pictures. I look forward to moving with you!


Addie Piazza

Hello!I’m Addie and I am certified a 500hr yt. My yogic background is in Hatha. I enjoy teaching vinyasa and recently fell in love with teaching yin/restorative. My intention as a teacher is to guide students to connect deeper with themselves and become present in their bodies. I believe in the power of yoga. Yoga has radically changed my life and I believe it has the power to change anyone who practices consistently for the better! “Our issues lie in our tissues,”let’s get up close and personal with them and release what no longer serves, one breath at a time!🙏 Instagram: @https://instagram.com/sunflowe

Heather Stuart

Heather Stuart is an experienced Integrated Health Practitioner specializing in Tibetan & Ayurvedic Medicine,Yoga Therapy and classical Homeopathy. Her lineage of Yoga Therapy is based on Krishnamacharya’s teachings and the principles of Ayurveda. In 1996 she began her studies in the Yogic arts and began teaching Yoga after the birth of her son in 2000. Heather became a Dzogchen Meditation Practitioner in the School of Mahayana Buddhism in 2001 which led her to study and practice Tibetan Medicine. Her passion for health and healing shows abundantly through her work and teachings. Heather’s approach is both simple and powerful, bringing awareness to our mind-body connection through movement, breath and mindfulness techniques that are both empowering and inspiring on the path of healing. Heather is the owner of Semde Wellness offering consultations in Tibetan & Ayurvedic medicine and Classical Homeopathy. She is the Director of Yoga for The Gerson Institute of Ayurvedic Medicine in Dunedin and teaches publicly at Salty Souls Yoga and Madeira Beach Yoga.When not practicing yoga (which is often!) you can find Alanna walking her pup, going on a hike, sitting on the beach, or spending time with friends and family. Her favorite type of yoga to teach is Yin and favorite class to take herself is hot power. Instagram: @Alanna_delrey

Ashley Johnson

Hi I’m Ashley! I’m a Pittsburgh native turned St Pete local with a passion for empowering others. I have been practicing yoga for over 10 years and in 2018, I felt called to expand my practice and go deeper within, as I was struggling privately through a deep wave of grief. My yoga training helped me heal in many ways and offered tools I didn’t know were inside of me. With overwhelming gratitude, it is a passion of mine and an honor to share this gift with others. I teach private and group settings all around the Tampa Bay Area. When I’m not on my mat you can find me behind the chair in my salon suite. Whether I am empowering others through movement or assisting in enhancing outer beauty— it’s my mission to provide a safe space where everyone can show up exactly as they are. Ashley teaches an all levels class with creative vinyasa sequencing, incorporating postures from all the asana families. We’ll start out slow and create some heat as we build our flow. Expect focus on breath work, a mixture of balance, long holds, and strength.

Marissa Segundo

Marissa Segundo is a native of St. Louis, Missouri where she first fell in love with yoga more than two decades ago. She has been teaching yoga in St. Petersburg since 2007. Her Hatha yoga classes are perfect for beginners or seasoned yogis. Employing meditation in motion, her classes will awaken your body gradually with asanas to lengthen and strengthen muscles. Basic vinyasa flow will open your heart and increase blood flow. Marissa has extensively studied the philosophy of yoga through Sri Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. She is a 200-hour Certified Yoga Teacher.

Alanna Thompson

Alanna found her connection with yoga in 2018 and immediately fell in love with the practice. Through the years, it has served as an all natural path to healing anxiety and depression. Previously, Alanna was a school psychologist and has extensive training in trauma informed care. She believes that yoga truly introduces human beings to their authentic selves, creating a connection between mind, body and soul. Yoga philosophy and way of life is what she is most passionate about. She wants to continue helping others create a balanced, healthy life.

Alanna embarked on a journey to Costa Rica in March of 2023 and received her 200-hour RYT with InnerSea Yoga Academy. She hopes to share the love of this practice and build connections with each of her students, who most often teach us the most out of anyone.
When not practicing yoga (which is often!) you can find Alanna walking her pup, going on a hike, sitting on the beach, or spending time with friends and family. Her favorite type of yoga to teach is Yin and favorite class to take herself is hot power. Instagram: @Alanna_delrey