Hidden in a quiet northwest St Petersburg with large beautiful oak trees shading the courtyard out front is where Salty Souls Yoga studio has been built for you to enjoy spending your precious time.  A welcoming venue to all that want to practice yoga in a place meant for yoga.

Our studio is small, quaint, clean and and charge a very reasonable price for the value you deserver.   We are not a $10/month gym with weights banging and being dropped, treadmills endlessly whirring and sharing and wiping sweat off machines.

A yoga studio exclusively for people that want their yoga to be all about the yoga.   Gentle music and soft lighting to relax all your senses.  Clean floors, mirrors and peaceful atmosphere.

  • Comfy lobby seating where we encourage you to sit and chat while relaxing with some tea, coffee, or water.
  • A small boutique for stylish yoga life accessories, crystals, jewelry, and gifts.
  • Storage for shoes and bags (no shoes on the studio floor)
  • A growing library of yoga books to enjoy to share knowledge and understanding.
  • Our very own plant wall.   Give a plant, take a plant, and watch it grow at home or office along with your yoga practice.

Contact us for more information.