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Our Approach

My Approach

Welcome anyone wanting to try yoga, had a bad first yoga experience, or with too much anxiety to even walk in the door of a full yoga class.

Discuss their goals and benefits they seek and the ones that haven't even come to mind.

Determine a schedule that will work for them and the best setting and type to help them learn poses to help  reach new levels of health, flexibility, fitness, and relaxation.

Our Story

My Story

At 43, a friend told me about a yoga certification that really boosted her understanding and level of yoga.  I had taken yoga classes off and on for 15 years, but recently my body had put on weight despite lots of circuit training and organic foods in my diet.  I was feeling terrible both physically and mentally.

I signed up, took the class, and after intensive classes of yoga training, studying and detoxification, I came out a different person.  But now I know I was just getting started.

I shared my experiences with friends and neighbors that couldn't help but notice the difference in me.  Without intention, I was on a journey and path to share my experience and begin my own yoga studio.  Most of the studios in the area I had attended were for high level yoga practitioners, groups that were focused on the pose accuracy and flexibility instead of the mental and physical benefits that everyone deserved.  I wanted to share this with all the beginners of yoga as these classes were intimidating and made it tough to break into it as a beginner.

I continue my pursuit of extensive training of physical and mental understanding of the yoga practice and after many classes poolside or from in my home with friends, I am opening up classes to more beginners in the Seminole, Madeira Beach and St Petersburg area.

Meet the Family

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Danielle Kelley

Owner / Instructor

Realtor, mother, wife, and life long giver.


Donovan Kelley

Business Manager

Cyber-security IT Professional, husband, father, and manages the website (worships the ground she walks on)

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Skylin Kelley

Son / Inspiration

Growing bowing boy with aspirations to become a roller coaster design engineer.

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