Photo – Circa 2015 This girl did not love herself!!

When this photo was taken, I hadn’t been to a yoga class in 5 years! I wasn’t my best self. I was busy growing a successful real estate career, building our family home, saving my marriage and being a mom the best way I knew how. Until I found myself out of alignment and crashing from adrenal fatigue. I hit rock bottom. That is my journey to rediscovering yoga.

Convinced I was building my ideal future, not knowing trauma was steering the wheel, I propelled forward the only way I knew how. It was one thing after another and I didnt have the tools to manage them. I was not eating the foods my body needed, used booze and aspirin to make me feel better, didn’t think I could meditate, spent a lot of time stressing about the things I couldn’t control, shopping to satisfy a hunger for love and attention that I had never received, lonely and unsatisfied.

Yoga saved me! I immersed myself fully. Meditation began to shift my perceptions. I began noticing how certain foods affected my mood and body. I began to control my emotions in a healthy way, my hormones balanced and my intuition grew sharper. Yoga allowed me to re-discover so many amazing things about myself.

I’ve shed so many layers of old conditioning. I now eat what makes me feel alive instead of craving foods that only fed my imbalances. I no longer count calories and I’m the size nature intended bc I put into my body what it needs. Not only has yoga transformed my physical world it has turned my mental world into a garden of self love and healthier habits. I slowly began to notice the things that affected me negatively, behaviors and beliefs that didn’t serve me began to dissolve. Breaking these cycles didn’t happen all at once. Yoga was and still is a practice. I show up and do the work. I gave myself permission to let go of unhealthy expectations, own my own shit and set healthier boundaries.  Yoga became the new vehicle but this time I was behind the steering wheel. As my intuition became stronger, I could see the curves on the road before they appear and accurately navigate the road.

Opening a studio with all its many challenges ironically helped me navigate through the phases of my own healing. I love myself and I understand what it feels like to feel that love from others. Not easy, but worth it they say, I know every sacrifice will come back to me times three. This path isn’t for the faint at heart and I still wouldn’t change a thing.  I feel not only guided but incredibly supported on this path. Not by humans but spirit/God/universe. Whatever you call it, it doesn’t matter, the point is MY back is covered.

Trauma has been shaping our lives for centuries and I think we are the generation to change that! It’s time to take care of our mental health!!  Although Yoga lessens pain, stress and makes you feel pretty amazing, it traditionally has been a path to heighten consciousness and enlightenment. I enjoy incorporating mediation and spiritual practices into each class.

If my story resonates with you and you would like to explore how to access a deeper connection with yourself, heal from the things we couldn’t control, or become a better stronger version of who you are now, I hope you will allow me to be your guide.  My mission is to empower aspiring yogis to develop ways to keep practicing. There is no magic button to push to become a perfect yogi. It takes practice, you have to do the work and be consistent.

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