How do I get started with yoga? That’s been the most common question I’ve received as a yoga instructor. My best answer is to: “Put yoga on your schedule and say no to everything else.” Much like nature, we are supposed to be evolving. Whether you’re already a yoga teacher, an aspiring yogi or just yoga curious, you’ve come here because you’re ready for something new. Claim it!! Allow yourself to take up space in your life with yoga. We only get one life and you have to choose what to do with it. What class is best for you? Let’s talk truth!! It’s difficult to be honest and truthful about what we want when we act through others lens and perspectives.  I encourage everyone to live in truth. I also encourage others to stop taking things so personally and let go of fears and insecurities.  This is what prevents people from doing what they want to do. Explore different ways of seeing things and seeing others’ perspective. That’s why I always recommend getting a variety of yoga classes and the reason I don’t like to teach the same class twice. I enjoy taking different perspectives and teaching the same pose in different ways. It allows your body and mind to open up and enjoy a new way of thinking. Take different classes, try new things. Find what resonates with you. Samkaras are deep grooves within our subconscious mind that put us on autopilot. You could say it’s the awareness or paths in the brain that often lead you to decisions and reactions that you regret or keep you from evolving.  I’ve witnessed a lot of humans have the tendency to reach only for the things that bring instant joy and satisfaction. This means sometimes missing out on a deeper connection and growth. Getting on the mat, and moving your body in ways that you might not enjoy helps create new brain pathways, often referred to as enlightenment. Getting started is the hardest part and then there will be days you have to remind yourself of your goals. Even after opening Salty Souls Yoga, there have been days that I didn’t feel like showing up on my mat.   I can recall not following the teachers instructions because my mind was so scattered. Life can be complicated, but the more I did yoga and meditation , the more my mind cleared, my memory sharpened, my body got stronger and all I had to do was keep showing up. If you put yoga and meditation on your schedule and said no to everything else,  your life will transform with your practice.

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Where My Yoga Journey Began…

September 5, 2022 0 Comments 0 tags

When this photo was taken, I hadn't been to a yoga class in 5 years! I wasn’t my best self. I was busy growing a successful real estate career, building