Gossip, Triggers and Speaking Our Truth

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Some of you go along to get along with information about someone or something that you don’t actually know is truth. I see it all the time. Folks sharing their

What Happens in your Vegus Nerve Stays

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Emotional and psychological trauma stored in the body causes inflammation. It's like surviving a car accident and ignoring your broken ribs and cracked skull.  From the inside, trauma and emotional

Stop Searching, Start Attracting

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Of all the lessons this one stands out for sure. I thought opening a yoga business was going to be easy and bring everyone together, yet I experienced competition and

How To Get Started in Yoga?

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How do I get started with yoga? That’s been the most common question I’ve received as a yoga instructor. My best answer is to: "Put yoga on your schedule and

Letting Go of Expectations 

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As a yoga teacher, I think our role is to keep doing the work, to be honest, trustworthy, hold space for our students and ourselves. I believe teachers should not

Where My Yoga Journey Began…

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When this photo was taken, I hadn't been to a yoga class in 5 years! I wasn’t my best self. I was busy growing a successful real estate career, building