Do not let the behavior of others destroy your inner peace.

Dalai Lama

At Salty Souls Yoga, we believe there is a yoga class for everyone and we offer a wide variety of classes and teachers to meet all kinds of needs.   Everyone has unique needs and wants for themselves and their yoga practice.  Relief of backpain, soreness and stress OR flexibility, strength, stability, and invigoration are all needs able to be fulfilled by YOU in an appropriate yoga class, but which one?

  • Relaxation and focusing your mind?  Try yoga nidra.
  • Want to get a good sweat going? Perhaps a power or hot yoga is for you.
  • Contact us and we can help you find the right class or adjust the class for your benefit


  • $5 Intro pricing for first time students
  • $15  for single classes
  • $60 for 5 class bundles
  • $100 for 10 class bundles
  • *Classes bundles expire after 3 months

Planning to take more than 2 classes per week? Are you looking to make your studio a new and modern studio and want access to all instructors and open classes? Check out our Monthly Membership below.


When your yoga practice becomes part of your lifestyle, you are committing to provide the wellness benefits that enhance your body, mind, and spirit.  If you participating in more than 2 classes per month, you may choose our Monthly Membership, to receive the following benefits:

  • One open yoga class per day
  • Additional yoga classes on the same day for only $5
  • Priority on reserving spots in classes
  • Family and partner discounts
  • Discounts on merchandise, workshops and special events
  • Free mat storage (*limited time benefit)
  • Yoga Book club

Hot Yoga

Imagine your body is hot.  It needs to sweat to cool off which increases your heart rate.  Now remember what you've heard and read about burning calories... increasing your heart rate will increase the rate you burn calories, right?

Well it turns out that a hot yoga class has even more benefits:

  • Bone Density and Avoid Osteoporosis
  • The Heat Increases Calorie Burns and Flexibility
  • Sweating Detoxifies and increases Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Function in ways you cannot believe
  • Better Sleep and Sense of Well Being

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Relaxation Yoga

Every Yoga class will start with you in some level of stress.  It may be the anxiety of work, family, social, or even just trying to make it to the class.  But one thing you can count on is that the class will inevitably make it better.  Why?  Because you will be given a stress free area, free of distractions, no judgement of your poses or body, and time to let your mind take a break.  Breathing is part of the technique, but the push and pull of muscles and joints to release your tension will do wonders for your mind every time.

Once you get comfortable relaxing in shavasana (corpse pose) in these classes, you may be ready for a Yoga Nidra session (the art of relaxation).

relaxed beach yoga

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